Natano Fa’anana

Senior Producer

Natano Fa’anana | Samoan

Natano Fa’anana’s unique style of performance draws inspiration from his Samoan roots, informing his creations whether it be his acrobatics, aerials and dance or as director.

He has achieved international recognition through his work as performer, producer and director for string renowned companies. His stripes earned with award winning Polytoxic Theatre Company. He founded Briefs Factory in 2008 with brother and fellow performer/director Fez Fa’anana. More prominently Natano co-founded and continues to direct and perform with internationally acclaimed contemporary circus company, Casus Circus. The latter solidifying his place on the international stage through works such Knee Deep, Driftwood, DNA and Chasing Smoke.

Natano directed and co-produced Chasing Smoke, Australias first all indigenous contemporary circus show which was nominated for a Matilda award and took home the Green Room Award 2017 for Best Circus and Physical Theatre.

Independently Natano has a string of awards both as a circus performer and director. Significantly winning two Matilda Awards for We Live Here,  in the categories for Best Circus and Physical Theatre Show and Best Director, in conjunction with co-director Bridget Boyle.  

Adding to his folio Natano was awarded the prestigious Sidney Myer Fellowship 2019 acknowledging his contribution to Humanities through the Arts.

Natano was in his thirties when he pursued a career in performance. His choice to learn from individuals and elders rather than institutions has given him the ability to blend different styles of performance, movement and culture. His commitment to campaign for greater diversity on the contemporary circus stage a driving force and well reflected in his works to date.

“As Samoans, we are encouraged to sing and perform our old songs and dances from the islands. Theatre and performance are engrained in our people and has been that way for thousands of years. It’s our responsibility to continue to be storytellers using the gifts we have been given.”