Nolita Edwards

Queen Victoria Women's Centre
8 May $10

Nolita Edwards

Women's Healing Place

Nolita Edwards is a proud Gunditjmara, Mutthi Mutthi and Nari Nari woman. Nolita is a descendant of the Stolen Generations and understands deeply the impact of transgenerational/historical trauma experienced through family violence, addiction and mental health.

Koori Women’s Wellness Yarning Circle uses teachings and philosophies of Aboriginal ancestors, culture and heritage.

Topics to be covered through this yarning circle are

  • Impacts of unresolved historical trauma and transgenerational trauma through sharing personal experience and insights.
  • The benefits of Aboriginal Spirituality
  • The power of Aboriginal holistic healing and wellness programs, tools and techniques incorporating the mind body heart and spirit within our communities.
  • Recovery from trauma- what it entails for Aboriginal woman, families, and communities.
  • What the future looks like for Aboriginal women, their children, and their families in the current climate.

Nolita encourages and empowers all women to use Aboriginal methods of healing and wellness.

This event is part of our Women’s Healing Place program with Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.

Dates & Times

  • Sat 08 May 2pm

Runtime: 1 hr


  • All tickets $10

Transaction fees may apply

Key Artists

Nolita Edwards (Gunditjmara, Nari Nari, Mutthi Mutthi)


Wheelchair Accessible

Additional Info

Presented by YIRRAMBOI Festival and Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.