House of Alexander

GPO steps - Bourke Street Mall
8 May

House of Alexander

YIRRAMBOI is Burning

Set ablaze by queer, First Nations brilliance, House of Alexander brings the essence of ballroom from Meanjin to YIRRAMBOI, celebrating the chronically under-appreciated but fundamental part of queer subcultures.

A symbiosis of different artistic and cultural practices, Ballroom draws its singular force from queer people of colour, specifically Trans women of colour who paved the way for these spaces to exist. Now, balls are an essential part of life for queer PoC, a safe space to fully express themselves and showcase their talents against the hetero-colonialist landscape of Australian societies.

Consisting of culturally diverse queer creatives, this high energy, exhilarating performance will bring the heat to the stage as the house deliver self-expression, diversity, and essence through the language and art of vogue.


  • GPO steps - Bourke Street Mall Sat 08 May 11am
  • Runtime: 30 minutes

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Presented by YIRRAMBOI Festival.