David Jones - Bourke Street Mall
8 May


Eclectic and esoteric, Diimpa is an avant composer, soundscape weaver and sonic wizard. His music takes inspiration from his experience as a proud autistic Gubbi Gubbi queer musician who works with keyboard instruments like analogue synthesisers, music box, glockenspiel or accordion to create worlds of effortless magic and sound journey.

Diimpa’s keen interest in durational pieces has seen 8 hour improvisations as part of Yirramboi Festival, Blakheart Festival, and ‘Sustenance’ at Arts Centre Melbourne for Fringe Festival 2016.

The last year saw Diimpa appear at Meredith Music Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival and was nomminated Music Victoria’s ‘Best Experimental/Avant-garde Act’.

Filled with electric pulses or ambient textures, Diimpa’s music is, at its heart, transcendent


  • David Jones - Bourke Street Mall Sat 08 May 9.15am
  • Runtime: 45 minutes

Key Artists

Diimpa (Gubbi Gubbi)

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Presented by YIRRAMBOI Festival.