Headshot of a performer with head tilted backwards with hands crossed over below chin and little bit of white paint on face. Red curtains in background and red light shining on performer.

Resilience in Isolation: Who Is Deeya Mithadda?

Andrew Toby | Wakka Wakka/Gangulu

Deeya from within, that’s where I Deeya from
Deeya Mithadda, dance from the spirit son

Living in a world with information at our fingertips and drowning in a flood of opinions leave us with the heavy task of processing and making sense of it all.

Andrew Toby, a Wakka Wakka/Gangulu man from Central Queensland, uses dance and rhythm as liberating tools through his work Who Is Deeya Mithadda? to start an emotional and spiritual conversation with the audience.

Carrying his knowledge and wisdom imparted from elders of his country, Andrew has developed a unique style of dance expression – a combination of traditional and contemporary lyrical hip-hop. Seeing his impact and connection with young people in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, elders in Woorabinda have identified the power of Andrew’s dance and blessed him with a strong traditional Gangulu name, Deeya Mithadda which translates to ‘dance spirit’.

‘My dance intends to inspire feeling and reflection of oneself. Seeing this will allow them to stay connected throughout the journey.’ – Andrew Toby.

This work is part of YIRRAMBOI’s Resilience in Isolation program which supports our First Nations creatives to continue their creative practices and development during the isolation.