Black and white photo of country field with a fence running along the left and the right, and a black dirt path running down the middle. Two trees at the end of the path and lots of clouds in the sky.

Resilience in Isolation: Variations on Country

Slim Lee | Jaadwa

Variations on Country is an audio piece, the result of living in a state of isolation since mid-March 2020. Waking up each morning, keeping a routine to ensure ongoing motivation, but also trying to add variation to that routine to stave off the effects of cabin fever. Slim Lee began taking time each day to listen closely to his immediate soundscape – the hum of the fridge, the steady flow of traffic outside, noisy neighbours, and the ever-present tick of the kitchen clock marking the passage of time.

“I wondered how my constant immersion in these sounds might impact me directly. All the while, I longed to return to Jaadwa Country, breathe in the air, let the soil give me strength beneath my feet Resilience in Isolation features soundscape recordings made during isolation, as well as recordings made during a trip back to Country in late-2019.” – Slim Lee.

Slim Lee is a make-believe musician, a real-life Jaadwa man, and generally fed up with the social status quo. Living on Boon Wurrung country, Slim writes, records, and produces tracks from his living room. What emerges from the proverbial meat-grinder can range from simple, reactionary pop songs, to dense fogs of hypnotic instrumental noise. His practice stems from personal reflections on soundscapes of Country, and the socio-political landscape of so-called Australia. His contribution to the Resilience in Isolation program marks his Yirramboi debut.

This work is part of YIRRAMBOI’s Resilience in Isolation program which supports our First Nations creatives to continue their creative practices and development during the isolation.