Picture of a big round gold 3D art piece with round holes all over. Heater turned on in background in top left corner.

Resilience in Isolation: Resilience in Remembering

Tarsha Davis | Kuku Yalanji

Resilience in Remembering by Tarsha Davis is a 3D art piece consisting of three nesting spheres, that capture the time of introspection we are experiencing collectively during lockdown. Each sphere made with different mediums, representing the different aspects of one’s Self; the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual.

The outer sphere made of wire represents our physical bodies and the physical world around us – the demands and expectations of the daily rat race, the man-made environments we live and work in, the strain we put on our bodies trying to maintain an unhealthy pace.

The middle sphere woven with twine represents our mental-emotional health and all the ways we were able to explore self-care during lockdown. Having much more time to ourselves while facing a global crisis meant we could begin to journey inward – getting to know ourselves, trying new things, expressing creativity and exploring all the ways we like to care for ourselves and others.

The centre sphere made of things collected from country represents the true self or spirit. Coming back to an understanding of who we really are without all the distractions and pressures of the modern-day world

Tarsha is a proud Kuku Yalanji woman from Far North Queensland, now based in Melbourne. An Aboriginal artist who has been developing her detail-oriented and narrative style since 2005. Two important themes are revealed through her work; her connection to country and passion for social health.

This work is part of YIRRAMBOI’s Resilience in Isolation program which supports our First Nations creatives to continue their creative practices and development during the isolation.