Resilience in Isolation: Little Things

Garret Lyon | Darumbal/Wulli-Wulli

Garret Lyon is a singer, songwriter and proud Darumbal and Wulli-Wulli man born and raised in Rockhampton, Central Queensland. Earlier this year, during the throws of COVID-19 pandemic and the shared isolation we have all had to go through, he wrote Little Things, an ode to the uncomfortable space after a breakup.

“The song isn’t necessarily about one of my own relationships but I know the feeling of avoiding a certain café or skipping a song that comes on shuffle because it reminds you of a time when you both were happy. Running into all of these emotional landmines triggers certain memories and feelings and the song is about me calling this person to tell them exactly how I feel. I’m trying to move on but they’re still here, not physically but their energy is still present.” – Garret Lyon

Garret has been involved with YIRRAMBOI in the past, his beautiful vocals wowed Bourke Street Mall audiences at Barring Yanabul as part of YIRRAMBOI’s 2019 Festival. He is also one of the artists selected for our Street to Stage program.

This work is part of YIRRAMBOI’s Resilience in Isolation program which supports our First Nations creatives to continue their creative practices and development during the isolation.