See Taiwanese First Nations creatives at YIRRAMBOI x Pulima Art Festival

In 2018, YIRRAMBOI participated in Pulima, a Taiwanese First Nations Festival, and established an exciting new reciprocal relationship between Australian and Taiwanese First Nations creatives. At YIRRAMBOI Festival 2019, First Nations Taiwanese artists will realise new projects across visual art, music and performance. View the full YIRRAMBOI x Pulima program.

These unique cross-cultural collaborations include the winner of Miss First Nation Taiwan Rose Mary performing in Melbourne; musician Ilid Kaolo in concert with Alice Skye; performance artist Dondon Hounwn accompanying Peter Waples-Crowe’s exhibition insideOUT; performance artists from TAI Body Theatre in collaboration with local dancer Carly Sheppard; and Labay Eyong’s solo exhibition and series of First Nations weaving workshops with artist Glenda Nicholls.

Taiwan Focus program is supported by the City of Melbourne through YIRRAMBOI Festival and the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation through Pulima Art Festival and the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (Republic of China).